Reversing Falls Survey

A rare opportunity to examine a natural phenomena

the class of SE6023 and SE4083-2000
Ocean Mapping Group, Dept. Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering
University of New Brunswick, CANADA
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Whilst the CHS survey launch Plover was in transit through the Reversing Falls in April and May 2000, the opportunity was taken to conduct a multibeam survey of the submerged topography.  

When this data were combined with a prior survey of the gorge above the falls (conducted by Mike Collins and Carmen Reid of the CHS in 1996 whilst waiting for the tide) and a survey of the harbour (by Daryl Beaver and Carmen Reid in April 2000), it represents the first comprehensive view of the complex bedrock  and coarse sediment morphology that underlies one of the natural wonders of the world.

The CSL Plover is equipped with a Simrad EM3000S multibeam sonar  integrated with an Applanix POS/MV 320. The data were processed using the OMG/UNB SwathEd software.

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