Welcome to the Saint John Approaches

Within this webpage you will find a compilation of mulitbeam data for the Saint John Harbour approaches. Saint John is in southern New Brunswick, Canada and is located on the Bay of Fundy. Available for download are multibeam bathymetry and backscatter in numerous formats.

The data on this website is not a final product and is in a constant state of change and adjustment. Tides have been applied to some datasets, but all the data will eventually be processed with either observed or predicted tides. For the data that does have tides applied to it, the datum is Chart Datum. A file containing simple ascii 'Long Lat Depth' for the entire area can be downloaded here (12 mb) at 10m resolution.

Some recently found data that is shown in the image below and included in the ascii data file, is not included in the smaller map sheets to the right.

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Saint John Data Overview with Chart Backdrop

Ian Church
Ocean Mapping Group, University of New Brunswick