Shippagan Bay Survey 2003 : 1m basemap series

John E. Hughes Clarke, Anya Duxfield and Beth-Anne Martin
Ocean Mapping Group
University of New Brunswick

The following graphical index allows one to extract bathymetric and backscatter image and metadata for the 2003 Shippagan Bay survey.

The survey area was broken up into a series of standard map sheets. Each sheet is offset from its neighbours by 2 minutes in Longitude and 2 minutes in Latitude. Each map sheet represents a Mercator  Projection and is exactly 2575m wide by 3750m high (pixel size is correct at latitude 45 deg 56 min N). The map sheet boundaries deliberately overlap (by about 75m  E-W and 55m N-S). 

map 107
map 88
map 62
map 63
map 64
map 65

map 45

map 29
map 30
map 31