Beafort Sea Basemaps Information

Basemap Series

The data collected by several platforms is presented in the form of basemaps, with each map covering 2' of latitude and 4' of longitude. Data are gridded at a resolution of 2 metre. For perusal via the web portal, images are created in which depths are colour coded (based on the range of depths in the mapsheets) and the terrain is sun-illuminated. Grid files are available for download in ESRI grid format (.flt and .hdr files for each mapsheet, downloaded as a zipped .tgz archive file).

Map Projection

The Mercator projection is used for the Basemap series of mapsheets. Pro Lat 73N, Proj Long -180


Horizontal datum: WGS84
Vertical datum: Vertical reduction of with the WebTide model.

For more information, please contact Pim Kuus.

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