2005 Heron Remobilization

April 15th: Initial state of the Heron after the cabin was gutted of all gear from the previous field season.

Jonathan Beaudoin & Jason Bartlett

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April 19th: Started putting the pieces back together. Installed a few pieces of gear in the rack and installed the EM3000 transducer.

Jonathan Beaudoin & Jason Bartlett

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April 20th: Installed more gear in the rack and in the wooden cabinet below. Started running transducer and sensor cables up to the engine room where the EM3000 transducer and the motion sensors live. Took a few pictures of the sacrificial anode to send to CHS to see if we could get a replacement.

Jonathan Beaudoin & Jason Bartlett

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April 21st: Installed Heron1 and Heron2 along with their 4 monitors and the VIDEO MONSTER (4 video splitters and 2 switch boxes to accomodate two helmsman's displays). Built hinged system for securing the K320M in the lower wooden cabinet with chain keeping transceiver from falling flat on its face.

Jonathan Beaudoin & Jason Bartlett

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April 22nd: Installed the MVP system on the aft deck and attempted to test configuration with laptop from last year's setup. Installed (and tested) Trimble GPS and the Coast Guard DGPS radio receiver (not tested). Repaired corroded video connector on one of the helmsman's displays and installed both monitors. Did most of the cable running between sensors and systems mounted in rack and in wooden cabinet. Installed hub and networked Heron1, Heron2, EM3000 transceiver and the SUN. Installed CNAV and Trimble GPS antennae and tested both systems to confirm data output. Wired up SUN and EM3000 and tested to see if navigation and orientation making it into the transceiver from the Trimble and MRU, respectively.

Jonathan Beaudoin, Jason Bartlett & Steve Brucker

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April 26th: Configured and tested some software, setup network drives so that all PCs can access each other's data drives. Ran extra network cables from hub to accomodate spontaneous laptop usage in the two most popular spots in the cabin. Re-ran and cleaned up various cables in the skipper's area.

Jonathan Beaudoin, Jason Bartlett & Kristian LLewellyn

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