Secure FTP client installation/configuration

SmartFTP install and configuration

1.  download and install smartftp, do complete install
2.  run smartftp
3.  click the favourites menu, select edit favourites
4.  in the 'favorites' window, select 'favorite' --> 'new' --> 'favorite'
5.  choose a name for your new favorite, then right click and select 'properties'
6.  Under the 'General' setting
	choose the 'FTP over SSL Explicit' protocol (default is 'Normal FTP')
	type the host name or IP in the host text box
	optionally, you can type the username,password combination
7.  Once configured, you can double-click a favourite to connect...  This'll bring up a browser window with a view of the remote filesystem.
8.  You can then get a local filesystem browser from the 'FTP' menu and select 'Local Browser'
9.  Drag and drop to your heart's content

Note:  I've had trouble transferring entire directories the following error:
SSL/TLS internal error (Error = 0x205a7f0).
The token supplied to the function is invalid
The token supplied to the function is invalid
Client closed the connection.
Transfer failed.

gFTP configuration

1.  Run gftp (v. 2.0.18)
2.  Under the FTP menu, select 'Options', and choose the 'SSL Engine' tab.  Disable the 'Verify SSL Peer' option.  Click okay to apply and exit the options window.
3.  type in hostname, username and password.  Select the 'FTPS' protocol from the drop down menu on the right of the password text box.
4.  While connected to the remote site, select the bookmark menu and add the site as a favourite. 

Last modified: October 7th, 2005, J. Beaudoin