Xtide installation on OMG computers

  1. Get all the goodies and get ready to compile!!
    	mkdir installs
    	cd installs
    	wget http://www.omg.unb.ca/~jonnyb/linux/wvs.tgz
    	wget http://www.omg.unb.ca/~jonnyb/linux/xtide-2.6.2.tgz
    	tar -zxvf wvs.tgz
    	tar -zxvf xtide-2.6.2.tgz
    	rm wvs.tgz xtide-2.6.2.tgz
    If the two 'wget' commands don't work, you can download the two following tarballs: wvs.tgz & xtide-2.6.2.tgz.
  2. Start compiling xtide:
    	rm wvs.tgz xtide-2.6.2.tgz
    	cd xtide-2.6.2
    	make clean
    	mkdir ~/bin
    	mv xtide ~/bin
    	mv tide ~/bin
    	mv xttpd ~/bin
  3. Set up your work environment for xtide by adding the following lines to your .cshrc file. Make sure you change 'username' to be your actual username. If your installation path differed at any point above, you'll need to make sure the following lines reflect the different paths.

    set path = (~/bin $path)
    setenv HFILE_PATH /homes/username/installs/xtide-2.6.2/harmonics.tcd
    setenv WVS_DIR /homes/username/installs/wvs

  4. Refresh your path and environment variables by sourcing your .cshrc file, then run xtide:
    	source ~/.cshrc
    	xtide &
    You should see the following:

Last modified by J. Beaudoin, April 24, 2006