Geotiff creation from OMG mapsheets

The following assumes you've made a tiff file already. If you're unsure about making a tiff from an OMG mapsheet, refer to mapsheets2 for instructions on creating a PGM or PPM file (specifically the mix_ci and stretchacres commands that create PPM and PGM files).

These can be converted to a tiff file using you're favourite graphics viewing program.
For WINDOWS, try Irfanview (
For LINUX, ImageMagick has a 'convert' tool that's pretty handy, GIMP and XV will do it also.

On with the GEOTIFF creation!


# Dump the geotiff metadata file (in this case, creates map125_3m.geo_meta) 
# Note that you can use any of the mapsheets (.r4, .sun_315, .8bit, .mos, etc) to
# generate the header
edhead -dump_geotiff map125_3m.sun_315

# From a normal tiff file of the mapsheet, generate a geotiff using
# the metadata file created in the last step
geotifcp -g map125_3m.geo_meta map123_3m.tif map123_3m.geo.tif

# Get rid of the geotiff metadata's no longer needed
rm map125_3m.geo_meta
Tiff World Files

# Dump the .tfw file...
edhead -dump_tfw map125_3m.sun_315

# Gotta make sure to include the .tfw file whenever you give someone the tiff image