1.  Make blank map sheet using make_blank.

	e.g. cmd:

	make_blank -area ../Overview/Box.header0

	-> input same name as used for DTM
	-> use 8bit array
	-> same mpp as in DTM

2. Convert to mosaic file. 

	e.g. cmd:

	tomos Mispec_Oct2000

3.  Mosaic using mos2.  For any box.header file, must first run mos2 with fresh_start
  flag (initializes file).  Afterwards, can mosaic all lines involved as in example below.

	e.g. cmd:

	mos2 -fresh_start -autoseam -auto_dg -basemap Mispec_Oct2000 ../ss/JD*/*.ss

Last modified: February 21st, 2001