MVP Real-time Monitoring

I use the 'mvp_monitor' script to copy over raw MVP data files onto my laptop and then convert them for use in the SVP Toolkit for real-time monitoring and analyses. Here's a little how-to to help get you started. Download the script here. The OMG binaries hold the latest version.

Before you start this, you'll need to make sure that the MVP data directory is shared on the network. The share name I've assumed is "mvp", if not, change the smbmount share name to reflect what it actually is (//

First you need to mount the Heron MVP shared drive somewhere handy on your laptop.

	sudo mkdir /media/heron_mvp
	sudo smbmount // /media/heron_mvp
Okay, you should be able to see the Heron's MVP data directory now:
	ls /media/heron_mvp
Now make yourself a working directory on your laptop somewhere:
	cd /home/jonnyb/projects
	mkdir -p heron_trials/svp/jd085
	cd heron_trials/svp/jd085
	mvp_monitor /media/heron_mvp
The mvp_monitor script will keep checking for new .m1 files every 15 seconds, it will copy them over and convert them. You can use svp_tool to keep an eye on new files by running it in a separate console and clicking the "check" button as often as you like. I'm assuming you've got a map somewhere handy.
	cd /home/jonnyb/projects/heron_trials/svp/jd085
	svp_tool -svp *.svp -map /home/jonnyb/maps/saint_john_harbour.8bit

Last modified by J. Beaudoin, April 29, 2009