OMG SVP Editor

An svp editor is now available as part of the jview program. You can load up a mapsheet along with multiple OMG format .svp files in the following manner:
	jview mapsheet.sun_315 -svp svp/*.svp

Mapsheet window

When you run this command, you'll get the usual mapsheet window. In the mapsheet window, svp positions are marked with blue crosses. The svp file that is currently being edited is highlighted with a red square in the mapsheet window.

The mapsheet window behaves as usual in jview, i.e. you can zoom in and pan around all you like. The only real difference is that middle-clicking on a profile in the mapsheet window makes it the active profile (the profile that is loaded into the editor).

SVP editor window

The SVP editor window is shown below. There is a row of buttons on top, a status bar with filename on the bottom and three profile views (left to right: sound speed, temperature, salinity, all of these are plotted vs. depth on the y-axis).

Mouse behaviour in the svp editor window is pretty simple:

As with swathed, points are never deleted, just flagged as bad. Software that uses svp files, e.g. newMergeAtt, are aware of the flags and will not use these points.

There are a few buttons on the top of the editor:

Of course, what OMG software product would be complete without some undocumented hotkeys? Hotkeys in svp editor profile windows: You can edit Version 1 profiles, but they are promoted to version 2 profiles when written out to disk.
Last modified by J. Beaudoin, 20070614