The Tertnes is a rockdumping vessel operated by Van Oord NV. A ROV maneuvers above targets such as pipes and platform or FPSO anchors. Rocks then fall through a string of flutters and cover the objects. Surveyors provide the positioning of the vessel (DP) and ROV (USBL) and determine the final rock dump from pre- and post surveys. The ROV is equipped with two Reson 8125 multibeams, motionsensors, altimeter, CDT-probe, HiPAP acoustics, ADCP, forward looking sonar and video camera's.

Tertnes Rocks and Rolls

The Lady gets some make-up

Loading rocks

Platform Troll A-13, Troll field, Norway

Launching the ROV

Online survey panel on the foreground, ROV operating panel on the background

Norwegian landscape

Rockdumping in progress