what the single beam saw...

what the multi beam saw...

And still they ask is it any better...

(Actually, it's been quite a while since anyone did ask!
that was a ~1995 comment)

Swath-Sonar Related Sites,
available through the Ocean Mapping Group, UNB

John E. Hughes Clarke

Improving Sea-Floor Mapping Methodologies (AAAS meeting Feb 2002)
Are you getting "full bottom coverage"?
1996 USCHC Multibeam Course Comparisons
1997 USCHC Multibeam Course Comparisons
Multibeam Training Courses Y2013/14/15 course details now available
SE 4053 RESON Seabat 9001 field laboratory
EM3000 Aquaculture site surveys- 1997
Knudsen Sidescan v. EM3000 Aquaculture site surveys - 2000/2002
Development of Keel-Mounted Sidescan Methodology
EM3000 Mine-like object detection trials
What is yaw stabilisation anyway?
LINZ Provisional Swath Sonar Specifications
    (one possible interpretation of IHO-S44-Ed4 for multibeams)

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