Ocean Mapping Group

Ocean Mapping Group


The Ocean Mapping Group was established at the University of New Brunswick in 1991 in response to a national need to develop advanced ocean mapping capabilities. The research of the Ocean Mapping Group is focused on developing new and innovative techniques and tools for the management, processing, visualization and interpretation of ocean mapping data. While we define ocean mapping in its broadest sense (including the water column, sea surface and sea bottom), the initial efforts were directed to seafloor mapping, and in particular, towards problems associated with high-volume seafloor bathymetric and imaging systems.

The Ocean Mapping Group is based in the Department of Geodesy and Geomatics Engineering at UNB but includes members from other faculties at UNB and industry. It draws upon expertise in the fields of hydrography, geographical information systems, digital image analysis, interactive computer graphics and 3-D data analysis.

Ian Church
Principal Investigator / Associate Professor, P.Eng.
John Hughes Clarke
Adjunct Professor
David Wells
Professor Emeritus
Suprio Ray
Associate Professor (CS)
Faculty PageResearch Lab
Susan Haigh
Honourary Research Associate
Jonathan Beaudoin
Honourary Research Associate

Current Students and Researchers

Ahmadreza Alleosfour
Marc Fortner
Graham Christie
Madeline Vainionpaa
Jia Gong
Vishwa Barathy Gandhi Kalidasan
Mary Chian Leal
Tony Furey