Current Ocean Mapping Group Students and Graduates

NameGraduation YearThesis Title
Joshua Burke (M.Sc.Eng)In Progress
Andreina Romero Mejias (M.Sc.Eng)In progress
Joshua Van Dijk (M.Sc.Eng) In progress
Sara Shamaei (Ph.D)In progress
Samuel Izuchukwu Ibekwute (M.Sc.Eng)In progress
Graham Christie (M.Sc.Eng)In progress
Tony Furey (Ph.D)In progress
Mary Chain Leal (M.Sc.Eng)In progress
Vishwa Barathy Gandhi Kalidasan (M.C.S.)2023OceanMappingDataframe - Scalable Multi-Indexed Dataframe for Hydrography
Jia Gong (M.Sc.Eng)In progress
Marc Fortner (M.Sc.Eng)In progress
Ahmadreza Alleosfour (Ph.D)In progress
Madeline Vainionpaa (M.Sc.Eng)2024Open-source web GIS for Arctic seafloor mapping: Improving the interactivity of public data dissemination
Khaleel Arfeen (M.Sc.Eng)2019Automated Processing of Arctic Crowd-Sourced Hydrographic Data While Improving Bathymetric Accuracy and Uncertainty Assessment
Marta Padilla Ruiz (M.Sc.Eng)2018User-Centered Design for Web-Mapping Applications: A Case Study with Ocean Mapping Data for Ocean Modellers
Danar Guruh Pratomo (Ph.D)2016Coupling of Repetitive Multibeam Surveys and Hydrodynamic Modelling to Understand Bedform Migration and Delta Evolution
Anand Hiroji (Ph.D)2016Extracting Sonar Relative Along-track and Across-track Radiometric Beam Pattern for Multi-sector Multi-swath Multibeam Sonars
Douglas Pereira (M.Sc.Eng)2015Improving Shallow-Water Multibeam Target Detection at Low Grazing Angles
Ian Church (Ph.D)2014Modelling the Estuarine Circulation of the Port of Saint John: Applications in Hydrographic Surveying
Rodrigo Carvalho (M.Sc.Eng)2012Proper Environmental Reduction for Attenuation in Multi-Sector Sonars
Christine Legere (M.Sc.Geo) joint with UNB Geology 2012Late Quaternary Glacial Geology of the Bay of Fundy, Coastal Southwest New Brunswick
Reenu Toodesh (M.Sc.Eng)2012The Oceanographic Circulation of the Port of Saint John Over Seasonal and Tidal Time Scales
Yun-ta Teng (M.Sc.Eng)2012Sector-specific Beam Pattern Compensation for Multi-sector and Multi-swath Multibeam Sonars
Majed Salama Almehmadi (M.Eng)2012
Carlos Rubrio Marques (M.Sc.Eng)2012Automatic Mid-Water Target Detection Using Multibeam Water Column
Hesham Elhegazy (M.Eng)2011
Faisal Alsaaq (M.Eng)2011
Jose Luis Sanchez de Lamadrid Jaques (M.Eng)2011
James Muggah (M.Eng)2011Developing a New Online Distribution Method for Multibeam Data
Auke van der Werf (M.Sc.Eng) - 20102010Mast Tracking Capability of EM3002D using Water Column Imaging
Jonathan Beaudoin (Ph.D)2010Estimation of Sounding Uncertainty from Measurements of Water Mass Variability
Rui Da Silva (M.Sc.Eng)2009
Ian Church (M.Sc.Eng)2008Developing a Nested Finite-Element Hydrodynamic Model to Predict Phase and Amplitude Modification of the Tide Within Narrow Fjords
Pim Kuus (M.Sc.Eng) 2008Bottom Tracking Issues and Recognition Thereof Using SHOALS-3000 Green Laser Beam in Dense Fields of Zostera Marina and Laminaria sp.
Aluizio Oliveira Jr. (M.Sc.Eng) 2007Maximizing the Coverage and Utility of Multibeam Backscatter for Seafloor Classification
Nicole Delpeche (M.Sc.E) 2006Observations of Advection and Turbulent Interfacial Mixing in the Saint John River Estuary, New Brunswick, Canada
Garret Duffy (Ph. D) 2006Bedform Migration and Associated Sand Transport on a Banner Bank: Application of Repetitive Multibeam Surveying and Tidal Current Measurement to the Estimation of Sediment Transport
Kristian Llewellyn (M.Eng) 2005Corrections for Beam Pattern Residuals in Backscatter Imagery from the Kongsberg-Simrad EM300 Multibeam Echosounder
Jennifer Coppola (M.Eng)2004
Andy Muir (M.Eng)2004
Jim Bradford (M.Eng)2004TOWCAM System Sensor-Aided Oblique-Angle Video Mosaics
Jonathan Griffin (M.Eng)2004
Karen Cove (M.Sc.E.)2004Improvements in GPS tropospheric delay estimation with numerical weather prediction
Sara Cockburn (M.Sc.E.)2004Marine cadastres and the law [microform]: using modern developments in marine boundary law to construct a legal framework for offshore and coastal spaces
Michael Sutherland (Ph.D)2004Marine boundaries and good governance of marine spaces
Travis Wert (M.Sc.Eng.)2004Tidal Height Retrieval using Globally Corrected GPS in the Amundsen Gulf Region of the Canadian Arctic
Doug Cartwright (M.Eng.) 2003Multibeam Bathymetric Surveys in the Fraser River Delta, Managing Severe Acoustic Refraction Issues
Enrique Silva (M.Eng.) 2003Latin American Hydrographic Offices as Nautical Chart Makers?
Graham Nickerson (M.Sc.E.)2002Investigation of Integrated Geologic and Geophysical data using GIS: Crooked Creek and Decaturville Impact Structures, Missouri.
Rob van de Poll (M.Sc.E.) 2001Design and Development of a Computer-Based Desktop Study to Delimit Namibia's Continental Shelf under UNCLOS Article 76 using Public Domain Data
Aldino Campos (MEng) 2001Hydrographic Data Warehouse - Added Value to Hydrographic Data
Miguel Pacheco (M.Eng.) 2000Product Specifications for Marine Information Objects
Edouard Kammerer (Ph.D) 2000A New Method for the Removal of Refraction Artifacts in Multibeam Echosounder Systems
Sean Galway (M.Sc.E.) 2000The Integration of Multibeam Sonar Data with Huntec Sub-bottom Profile Data into a Marine GIS
Steve Bloomer (Ph.D) 2000Examination of the Potential of Seismic Reflection Data for Paleoceanographic Studies - Case Study from the Eastern Equatorial Pacific Ocean
Jose Vincentes Martinez (M.Eng) 1999Analysis of Multibeam Sonar Data for the Characterization of Seafloor Habitats
Semme Dijkstra (Ph.D) 1999Software Tools Developed for Seafloor Classification
James Allan Clarke (M.Eng) 1999A proposed submarine electronic chart display and information system
Joao Paulo Ramalho Marrieros (M.Eng) 1999Performance analysis of GPS attitude determination in a hydrographic survey launch
Luis Miguel Pais (M.Eng) 1998A case study of the production of an S-57 ENC with CARIS tools
Andre Godin (M.Eng) 1997The calibration of shallow water multibeam echo sounding systems
Fahad Al-Amri (M.Eng) 1997Sound speed variations in the Arabian Gulf and their effect on multibeam echo sounding
Michel Brissette (M.Eng) 1997The applications of multibeam sonars in route survey
Fernando Manuel Freitas Artilheiro (M.Eng) 1997Analysis and procedures of multibeam data cleaning for bathymetric charting
Ziquin Du (Ph.D) 1995Uncertainty handling in multibeam bathymetric mapping
Steve Deloach (M.Eng) 1994GPS tides, a project to determine tidal datums with the Global Positioning System