GGE5012 / GGE6303

Marine Geology and Geophysics

Descriptive marine geology including all ocean depths, but focusing on the coastal zone and continental shelf. Components of surficial sedimentology that affect the accuracy and operational conduct of hydrographic surveying. Detailed studies of the controls on seafloor processes (deposition and erosion) and bottom backscatter strength (sonar performance, geomorphology, sediment classification). Descriptive and introductory-theoretical marine geophysics including single-channel, 2D multi-channel and 3D multichannel reflection seismic surveying. Marine refraction seismology.

The course is divided into three sections: 

  1. Marine Geology
  2. Multibeam Sonar Seabed Backscatter
  3. Marine Geophysics 

The Seabed Backscatter section follows the same outline as the report generated by the Backscatter Working Group

2015  Backscatter measurements by seafloor-mapping sonars: Guidelines and Recommendations”, Xavier Lurton and Geoffroy Lamarche [eds.].

Instructor: Dr. Ian Church