GGE3353 / GGE6301

Ocean Mapping

Introduction to hydrography: geomatics aspects, trends and prospects, role in offshore management. Depth determination: seabed and seawater properties, non-acoustic methods, underwater acoustics, vertical and oblique incidence methods, bathymetric and imaging methods.

Course Outline

  1. Introduction – Course Overview
  2. Typical Applications of Submarine Acoustic Imaging
  3. Acoustic Sources and Receivers
  4. Environment
  5. Propagation
  6. Refraction
  7. Nautical Charting
  8. Range Resolution
  9. Angular Resolution
  10. Single Beam and Surveying
  11. Sidescan Surveying
  12. Bathymetric Sidescan
  13. Beam Steering – Time, Phase and FFT methods
  14. Multibeam Geometry
  15. Multibeam Bottom Detection
  16. Multibeam Active Motion Compensation
  17. Orientation (Roll, Pitch and Heading) Measurement
  18. Vertical Positioning Requirements – Short-Period (Heave)
  19. Vertical Positioning Requirements – Long-Period (Tides)
  20. Horizontal Positioning Requirements – Acoustic Positioning
  21. Airborne Bathymetric Lasers
  22. Survey Planning – Swath Bathymetry

* Note: Course outline subject to change  

Instructor: Dr. Ian Church