Seabed Mapping Projects

Mactaquac – Upper Saint John River Mapping

Squamish, British Columbia, Prodelta Experiment, 2011

Government of Nunavut


MV Nuliajuk – Collaborative Mapping with the Government of Nunavut, 2012

South West New Brunswick – Multibeam Mapping, Ocean Action Plan

Maine – Collaborative UNB/UMaine Mapping, 2009

Passamaquoddy Bay Pockmarks

Lower Saint John River Bathymetry

Lake Powell 2005

Shippagan 2003

Oceanographic Projects

Port of Saint John Research Project – Develop a Better Understanding of Sedimentation, Circulation and Ecology of the Saint John Harbour

  • Bathymetry
  • Modeling
  • Oceanography

Estuarine Oceanography of the lower Saint John River

Dredge Scow Plumes and Tidal Fronts. Blacks Point Offshore Disposal Site – Saint John Harbour Approaches. Acoustic and Optical Backscatter Imaging. C.S.L. Heron – October 22nd 2003

Shippagan Bay Survey 2003 – Regional ADCP current measurements

ADCP investigations of M2 circulation patterns at the mouth of the Musquash Estuary: one approach to boundary delineation

Opportunistic MVP Operations