The Echoboat-160™ USV is a compact and nimble vessel capable of navigating challenging bodies of water by using remote control or autonomous wayfinding.

This vessel was provided to the University of New Brunswick (UNB) Ocean Mapping Group by Seafloor Systems Inc. (EchoBoat-160 | Seafloor Systems Inc) to integrate into our Cat-A training program and research projects.


Hull Length: 1.7m (66.9in) Hull Width: 0.8m (31.5) Height: 0.81m (31.0in) Power: 24V  Empty Hull Weight: 45kg (100lb) Payload: 29kg (65lb) Max Survey Speed: 3 knots Remote Range: 2km

Main Equipment

  • Kongsberg M3: 500kHz Multibeam Sonar
  • Blue Robotics Ping: 115 kHz Singlebeam Sonar
  • Coda Octopus F185: orientation and navigation
  • Velodyne VP-16: terrestrial LiDAR
  • Seafloor Systems AutoNav: autopilot
  • Live online data collection using Qinsy from QPS